Weeding of Materials

Weeding shall be defined as the process of withdrawing materials from the Library collection. Weeding shall be done by or under the supervision of the Director, Assistant Director, or Branch Manager. All weeded material shall be previewed by the Director before final withdrawal from the collection.

Criteria for weeding shall be as follows:

  • Material which is outdated due to content, format, or usefulness.
  • Material which is damaged or badly worn by age or general use.
  • Material of which multiple copies are owned and circulation no longer warrants more than one copy in good condition.

Weeded materials may be sold at book sales. All gifts and donations are subject to the same weeding criteria as purchased materials. Weeding shall be an on-going project so that the collection is maintained in an orderly, up-dated and attractive condition.


Approved: April 15, 2002