Homework Help Sites

General Reference & Homework Help Sites:

Accredited Online Schools:  With the rise of the internet, online education has become a more integral part of our higher education system. Top colleges and universities are now offering online options as part of their curriculum. This site can help you search for options throughout the country.

The Homework Spot: This site links you to hundreds of other homework help sites; organized by grade level and subject area.

www.infoplease.com: Homework Center, Reference works (almanac, atlas, dictionary and encyclopedia), Today in History, and Facts Behind the News, are all sections of this in depth website. Great trivia, and links to tips on researching, studying and writing.

www.ipl.org: Web links are sorted in to categories and sub categories to help you find what you are looking for quickly, and it's organized so you can have fun exploring new things, too!

www.exploratorium.edu: A multimedia-rich on line project by the museum of the same name in San Francisco, this is a truly fun site for learning science. Try the Science of Baseball, or the Learning Studio.

www.funbrain.com: Activities and learning games for ages 6 and under up to those 17 and older. Spend some time competing with your parents in a parent vs. kid challenge!

History & Geography Sites:

www.ohiohistorycentral.org:  The Ohio Historical Society's online encyclopedia of Ohio history. This continually evolving site features over 2,000 entries related to Ohio's natural history, prehistory, and history. It also contains hundreds of images and multimedia files.

www.historyplace.com: A wonderful history site, including photos, speeches, History in the USA, This month in history, and Main Exhibits. They also have a Personal Histories feature, that contains a real life history story. Not good for researching, as the site does not have it's own search engine.

Math & Science Sites:

www.chem4kids.com:  An easy to understand chemistry site.

www.mathleague.com: Quick answers to math problems for students grades 4 - 8, including these categories: Fraction, Geometry, Integers, and Introduction to Algebra. Although this site's main interest is math contests for kids grades 4 - 12, it also has practice tests, web links, tutorial files and home schooling resources.

www.nasa.gov: National Aeronautics-Space Association's website (NASA). Space exploration updates as well as planet and other space related information.

www.usgs.gov: U.S. Geological Survey web site. Teaches everything from glacier movement, landslides and even mapping.

www.nws.noaa.gov: Web site of the National Weather Service, the government agency in charge of helping people prepare for all types of weather occurrences.