Solicitation Policy

Board Policy:

The Williams County Public Library may approve, on a limited basis, to area groups the right to sell or solicit funds or collect donated items for their organization or group.

Administrative Procedure:

All solicitations will be based on the following criteria:

  • All groups requesting assistance from the library must be Non- Profit.
  • A Non-Profit Organization Solicitation Approval form can be obtained from any library employee and filled out by the non-profit organization.
  • The non-profit organization must agree that the library is not responsible for solicited items or money and that responsibility is the solicitors.
  • All solicitation must be approved by the director, branch manager, or department coordinator.
  • The library will take precedence over any outside organization.
  • Managers and supervisors have the right to refuse solicitors on any basis, especially those concerning space.
  • Time limits will be established at the discretion of the director, manager or department coordinator.
  • The security or safety of any funds or items collected is the sole responsibility of the organization collecting them and not the responsibility of the library or the library staff.
  • The library will have only one solicitation at a time.
  • The library is not responsible for transporting or delivering any collected funds or items to the soliciting organization.

For further information also refer to the Distribution and Posting of Non-library Materials policy.


Approved: January 28, 2008