Under the 1976 Copyright Act, libraries may provide limited copying services for their patrons. The following guidelines must be followed for the library to comply:

  1. The copied material, and a notice to that effect will be posted on all copy machines, containing the following information: “Notice: this material may be protected by copyright law.” (Title 17 U.S. Code)
  2. The material must become the property of the patron, and the library must have no notice that the material will be used for anything but “private study, scholarship, or research.”
  3. Materials may not be copied in large quantities nor should it substitute for subscription to or purchase of materials.
  4. Copies are fifteen cents ($.15) per side copied.
  5. The library will provide a coin operated self-service photocopier for patron use at the Main library. Staff assisted copiers will be available at all other locations of the library.

Approved: August 18, 2003