Fines, Fees, & Material Recovery

Fines and fees for services

Board Policy:

We do not charge overdue fines for materials returned after the due date. This removes barriers to access, allowing more of our community to fully use all of the services that we have to offer. The library may also charge nominal fees for some other services.

We encourage library patrons to return items on time so that others may use them. Under this policy, items can be checked out for their standard loan period and, if eligible, renewed up to 4 times. To ensure that materials are returned in a timely manner, we have established a Materials Recovery Program with Unique Management Services.


Administrative Procedure: 

Fees for Services:

Photo Copies (copy machine, microfilm, computer printouts)  (double sided = 2 copies). 

  • Black & white copies = $.15 per page
  • Color copies = $.50 per page 

We do not charge for copies of driver’s license or other photo identification

Fax machine – to send & to receive fax 

  • $1.00 first page $.15 each additional page

Laminating (charged by the sheet (8 1/2 x 11)

  • $1.00 per sheet


Lost/Damaged or Unreturned Items 

Maximum charge is the cost of the item, a processing fee of $2.00 and any fines accumulated.

Fees exceeding $1.00 must be paid before other library items are checked out.

Borrower's with fees over $25.00 will be turned over to a material recovery service and charged an additional $12.00.


Material Recovery notices: 

7 days past the due date a 1st notice is generated and sent to the patron (email or standard mail)

 21 days past the due date (14 days past the 1st notice) a Final Notice is generated and sent to the patron (email or standard mail) 

45 days past the due date items are changed to LOST and the patron’s account will be charged for the price of the item plus a $2.00 processing fee. 


Billing Library Notices: 

Once the balance of a patron’s account reaches $25.00 a Billing Notice is generated and sent to the patron (by mail only).   The patron then has 14 days from the date the bill was generated to resolve their account.  (NOTE:  the Billing Notice language states that the patron has 10 days to resolve their account or it will be sent to a Collection Agency.)

If the patron gets their balance below $25.00 within the 14 days from the date of the Billing Notice, they will not be sent to Unique Management.

Every Wednesday SEO generates a list of patrons who have had billing notices sent (at least 14 days prior) and who still have $25.00 or higher balance on their account.  These patron accounts are sent to Unique Management. Unique then places these accounts in Initial Placement and sends “Letter 1”  If the patron has not cleared their balance after 21 days from the “Letter 1” notice, the patron will receive a “Letter 2” notice. “Letter 3” is sent as a reminder of the patron’s remaining balance. 35-58 days from “Letter 1” notification the patron will receive a phone call. 65 days from Initial Placement the patron is placed in Secondary Placement and will receive “Letter 4” 79-91 days from Initial Placement the second round of phone calls will begin. 120-151 days from Initial Placement the patron is credit reported.


Approved August 2022