Brighten with Blooms

The Williams County Public Library in Bryan is once again inviting patrons who are interested to adopt a flower pot and plant it with their favorite flowers as part of the “Brighten with Blooms” effort at the library.  Or donate $20, and the library will buy and plant the flowers for you. 

The library will then display the pots in the West Annex Building windows.  A sign will be hung near the adopted flower pot on the window inside at the West Annex acknowledging who adopted the pot. 
There are nine flower pots up for adoption.  “Brighten with Blooms” will continue throughout the month of May, or until all flower pots are adopted.  The adopted flower pots are for the West Annex only.  Additional flower pots at the Main Library will be filled with funds from the Friends of the Library.  For more information regarding the “Brighten with Blooms” event, please contact Jeff Yahraus at 419-636-6734.