Bankruptcy of Patron

Board Policy: 
Fines and fees on patron accounts will be adjusted upon receipt of a bankruptcy court discharge document, and a “proof of claim” will be filed with the bankruptcy court.

Fines and fees incurred after the period of time covered by the bankruptcy proceedings are not covered by the discharge document and will remain on the patron’s account.

Administrative Procedure: 
The library should receive a written document from the courts stating that the patron has filed for bankruptcy. This document is kept on file in the circulation office at the Main Library.

If no written document has been received, the patron must provide the bankruptcy court discharge document to be photocopied and filed.

If the patron is in collections, the courts should also notify the collection agency.

A dated note is placed in the patron’s record concerning the situation.

When discharge papers are received from the courts by the library:
Overdue fines and any processing fees owed on the account will be waived.
Items not returned on the account will NOT be waived.

A bankruptcy declaration stays on a credit report for seven years.


Approved January 18, 2021