Oh Dear It's...Jazz

Do you think opera sounds like people screaming? That jazz is noise? That showtunes are sappy and dumb? Do you believe you’ve never experienced either of these musical styles? That opera, jazz, and showtunes are not a part of your daily life?

Join Denver Henderson at the WCPL Local History Center to find out how these forms of music are a part of our daily lives as the soundtrack of advertising, popular music, film, and even cartoons. The OH DEAR, IT’S… program will take each form of music and offer examples of how the art form has been integrated into popular culture. In a series of three programs beginning in February, Denver Henderson will introduce a form of music and present its use in everyday forms.

The 2nd installment in the series, “Oh Dear It’s…Jazz” will be held on Monday, April 22nd at 6:00 pm. Explore how from its inception, jazz, “America’s classical music”, has become the musical language of the nation. From Dave Brubeck’s TAKE FIVE used to sell Lexus, TAKE THE TRAIN promotion music from New York Mass Transit Authority, jazz is everywhere! You might be surprised to learn how much jazz you may have actually listened to, without even realizing it.

All the OH DEAR IT’S… programs are FREE to the public, and will be in the Harmon Room of the Local History, which is located at 107 E. High Street, Bryan, OH 43506. Please register to attend. For more information, or to register, call 419-636-6734, ext. 275.

Bryan, West Annex - Local History Center